Rental conditions:


Our electric bicycle may only be used for its intended purpose, so to transport a person up to a maximum of 120kg plus a maximum of 25kg load on the luggage carrier in urban areas. Use in rough terrain or for sporting use is not allowed.

Only the customer determined in the application form may use the electric bicycle and he is not allowed to sublet it nor give it to a third party.

The customer has to follow all road traffic regulations for conventional bicycles. Driving on sidewalks and pedestrian areas is prohibited.

When the electric bicycle is parked in heavy rain or the blazing sun the battery and Display have to be removed and kept in protected conditions. The contacts of the Display holder have to be covered with the rubber cap during this time.


Technical Support:


In case of a technical defect we provice telephone support. If necessary a replacement of the bicycle exclusively in the city of Vienna is guaranteed within 4 hours. Outside of Vienna, there is no such support. The renter is responsible  himself and at his own expense for the return transport to the pickup location. In case of a fault in the electrical system, but the bike itself is still working as a standard bicycle, there is no entitlement to compensation or impairment. Likewise, no claim to compensation will arise if an error (mechanical or electrical) is not causally the responsibility of



The customer is liable for the period of rental in case of theft or for any damages and obligates not to leave the electric bicycle unattended or unlocked.

If the electric bicycle is parked, it must at least be locked with the integrated wheel lock (on request an additional chain-lock can be rented).

The customer is liable for the loan period for all damages caused during the use of the electric bicycle, directly or indirectly on the bicycle, other property or persons.

All customers must provide photo identification and a deposit of € 150 -until the electric bicycle is returned.


The company delivers the rental bike in perfect technical condition to the customer who gets trained in its operation and should assure himself of the correct function of the electric bicycle.

Upon return of the rental bikes have any damage to be reported to us.



One day's rental is always 24 hours. Every started new day will be charged as full day.

From more than 3 rental days the total bill has to be paid in advance.

Free cancellation up to 24h before the start of rental, then 30% will be charged from the total.

Return point is always the pickup location, unless otherwise arranged.

Accidents, falls, or delays in the return must be notified immediately to us by phone (0664/73476252).